Monday, May 31, 2010

Twilight: The Cullen Home

Like most people breathing, I saw the movie Twilight this year and loved the modern look of the Cullen home. It is hard not to imagine this house when you are reading the books. It seems like the perfect house for a vampire family.  My favorite part is probably the natural light the home gets.  I would love to have windows that look out to a forest, as this one does.  The house was built by architect Jeff Kovel from Skylab Architecture for Nike executive, John Hoke.  As usual, the house isn't located in Forks, WA, but actually in the Portland area of Oregon.

 This is the way the home looks normally

In the movie.

Kitchen in the movie

The same kitchen without Hollywood...

 most images via Designtavern

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Proposal

I immediately fell in love with the parent's house in the movie The Proposal.  The movie was set in Sitka, Alaska and let's just say my boyfriend and I were ready to pack up and move out.  Little did we know that if we actually wanted to pack up and move to that house we would be heading to the Cape Ann area of Massachusetts.  The early 20th century home boasts 9 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

How much would you love to be the real family that lives in this house?  Definitely click here to check out the article in the NY Times about when Hollywood moved into the home of the Kaneb's.  Here is the the lucky family.

And while it isn't a home, I found it very interesting to see the actual Sitka, AK as compared to the town that portrays it...Rockport, MA

Here is Sitka, Alaska

 And Rockport, Mass.

It's Complicated

Set in Santa Barbara, the movie It's Complicated has my favorite house in a movie so far.  This is the house that inspired me to write a blog about movie houses.  The movie is set in Santa Barbara, by far one of my favorite places to be.  The 1920's Spanish style home actually is located in Thousand Oaks, CA.  Check out some of the pictures of the actual home.  The grounds, the driveway, the garden..oh, the garden and the pool...

While the inside design was actually shot on a sound stage in New York city, you can't help dreaming that you lived on the sound stage if it looked like this...

The kitchen is probably my favorite room in the house.  I love the open floor plan and that the kitchen is a usable kitchen.  Everything is classy, yet casual.

And let's not forget that gorgeous bakery...

For more information on the set design of It's Complicated, check out the piece Traditional Home did on the project